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Using Lean Manufacturing principles to guide your team collaboration and performance


DELMIA 3DLean is a digital, cloud-based solution to guide team collaboration and team performance in manufacturing. Using touchscreens on the shop floor or collaborating virtually with remote workers, it drives constructive team behaviours by leveraging rich content and lean principles to help teams make better decisions and manage actions.

Adressing today's team challenges

  • No StructureOperation team meetings typically lack structure and context. Time is wasted because meetings lack focus and structure to drive specific outcomes and actions.
  • DisconnectedMany teams work separately and lack good working relationships. Whether within or between teams the impact on business continuity is high (especially in today’s disruptive environment).
  • Overly ComplexTeams do not like complexity. Today’s workers have enough challenges already – they will not adopt software or processes that are not simple to use and tailored to their needs.
  • Top DownOrganizations enforce “top down” processes. Management dictates operations processes that disempower teams and stifle innovation that could otherwise be adding values to the organization.
  • Too Much DataDecisions need to be made using information that is not easy to visualize. Teams need to understand ever-changing product and process data, KPIs (key performance indicators) and a myriad of reference information.
  • Wrong BehaviourDriving lean operations improvements requires a change in team behaviours. Traditional team interactions are not truly collaborative and often result in missed opportunities and follow up.

Transform the way you work


3DLean leverages a modern interactive environment accessible to everyone on the cloud for digital continuity of shopfloor processes.

85% workers feel more involved in meetings

92% workers find positive impact to daily tasks


3DLean allows to leverage virtual models of product, processes and resources to better understand the problem and create a plan for improvement.

100% increase in identification of issues and actions

92% workers say information is easier to find


3DLEAN makes lean thinking a standard by enabling people to make autonomous decisions.  

7% time savings

1-2% overall productivity improvements

Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing 3DLean


Valmet, a global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries, wanted to evolve its networked global production environment and support employees with modern working practices. To sustain its competitive advantage, the company sought an online meeting and collaboration tool that would support multi-site meetings, integrate with digital data sources, deliver strong action management and ensure all tasks and supporting data are readily available after each meeting.

The company’s Board and Paper Business unit implemented DELMIA 3DLean on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve collaboration and transform its meetings and follow-up processes, empowering teams to improve their performance and ensure their meeting practices align with corporate targets. Valmet’s teams use the digital visual management board and intuitive shared environment on the cloud to support their meetings, and make decisions and manage actions guided by rich content and Lean principles.


DELMIA 3DLean was the first solution that made it possible for us to have interactive discussions, supported by a clear agenda for the meeting and an action log, which stores and follows up on agreed actions. As soon as we deployed 3DLean, I noticed an immediate benefit

Ari Linsuri
Director of Sales and Operations Planning, Valmet’s Board and Paper business

3DLean in Action

See how DELMIA 3DLean works with its main use cases: the flash 5-minute meeting,  the problem-solving meeting and the flash 30 meeting.

Flash 5 Meeting

Problem Solving Meeting

Flash 30 Meeting


Who can use 3DLean and where?

Anyone with an internet connection and a screen can use 3DLean. Whether someone is working remotely, connecting through their mobile device or on the shopfloor.

What data can I bring into 3DLean?

3DLean allows you to visually display, measurement, explode assemblies and section 3D Models. You can visually display pdfs, images and play videos. Through the Web Page Reader you can display Web Pages, for instance google sheets displaying stock a or a web page dashboard displaying your MES data.

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