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The High Tech Industry is at the heart of smarter, greener electronic product development. Given the tough challenges companies are faced with in these industries Dassualt Systèmes reassures unique style, extraordinary convenience, social connection and perfect reliability. The 3DEXPERIENCE Industry Solutions are built to combine function-specific engineering and manufacturing enablement, integrate social, life cycle information management and sharing and customer integration into an experience development process to deliver exceptional electronic experiences that win in the market place.



  • Design the entire system – from requirement to functional, logical and physical model – in a complete end-to-end process
  • Take advantage of our Collaborative Mechatronics design solution to build a single digital product definition consisting of components designed by various engineering discipline teams
  • Perform virtual product qualification within our unified modelling and simulation environment to improve productivity and reduce development time
  • Manage complexity, including sophisticated embedded systems, and the interdependent works of all involved component suppliers and manufacturers
  • Integrate regulatory compliance into product development process to reduce the chances of last minute changes and product recall.
  • Maximise production performance by embedding manufacturing rules and constraints in the design templates, fully practicing Design for Manufacturing approach.
  • Use a single repository to store all product information and the processes that govern them throughout their life cycle.

Market Segments



Riding the IoT-wave bringing new opportunities through new markets, customers and applications

Technology Suppliers

Technology Suppliers

Meeting the “Smaller, Better, Faster” challenge

Consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

Security control and instrumentation

Security, Control & Instrumentation

Delivering Innovation in the Emerging Internet of Experiences

Telecommunications, computing and network

Telecommunications, Computing & Network

Capitalizing on the digital transformation

Contract Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing Service

Meeting the challenges faced by the contract manufacturing service suppliers

Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing 3DEXPERIENCE


As part of their digitalization strategy, Miele wants to improve their product life cycle management by adopting the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. With this central anchor point for all information, mastering complexity of their products becomes easier.

The company adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as their unique data source to manage its product development process, enhance collaboration and leverage knowledge and know-how across the company.

Miele is now able to better master the complexity of their products, because all stakeholders collaborate across disciplines. The integrated system enables them to link their product requirements with existing devices and components accelerating the whole product life cycle.

An integrated system, like the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables us to link our product requirements with existing devices and components.

Patrick Ribbe
Systems Engineering Expert
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