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ICAM is the Post-Processing, Simulation and Optimisation solution for all your CNC machines and controllers. Create Optimised & Verified G-Code Quickly & Easily with ICAM’s Lineup of NC Software Solutions.


ICAM’s unique Adaptive Post-Processing  methodology allows you to go from your part program to collision-verified and optimised G-Code in one step by combining post-processing, machine simulation, and tool-path optimisation, cutting down on CAM programming time.


Compatible with all your favourite CAD systems (CATIA, NX, MasterCam etc) ICAM can reduce programming time from days or weeks into hours or even minutes. Suitable across aerospace, automotive, medical, heavy equipment and electronic organisations, ICAM’s advanced NC post-processing solutions increase productivity and achieve greater manufacturing performance and precision

Key Benefits

Reduce CAM Programming Time

Automate the tedious process of positioning the tool around the part and moving the tool around on the machine by using Adaptive Post-Processing, allowing you to go from your part program to collision-verified and optimised G-Code in one step by combining post-processing, machine simulation, and tool-path optimisation.

Shorten CNC Machining Time

Optimise your machine-feed rate with a solution that fully understands the machine’s kinematics, spindle power, workpiece, the machine environment, the NC controller and tool cutting conditions, reducing machine cycle time by up to 35%

CAD/CAM System Freedom

ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing and simulation solution integrates with all popular CAD/CAM systems such as CATIA, NX, creo, PowerMILL and Mastercam, allowing you to only buy one software solution for all your CNC machines

Visualise your CNC

Using Virtual Machine enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs easily & automatically against collisions and over-travels. Virtual Machine allows NC programmers to avoid and correct possible programming errors that may result in costly machine tool collisions and defective parts, allowing NC programmers to increase machine utilisation and part quality.  



All ICAM solutions are compatible with your favourite CAD/CAM systems, including Mastercam, CATIA, Creo and more. Options include two-axis lathe and three-axis mill post-processors, custom built post-processors for all machine kinematics and the ability to build your own posts with CAM-POST developer software. 



See how your CN will behave while you post-process your CAM file with ICAM’s Virtual Machine. Graphically simulate and test programs against collisions and over-travels, allowing NC programmers easily detect and correct errors. Virtual Machine can also simulate G-code to validate programs before they are run on a CNC machine.



ICAM’s SmartPack features a complete suite of CNC optimisation solutions to create faster, safer and more efficient tool paths on all machine types. The SmartPACK lineup consists of SmartCUT for automatic detection and elimination of time-wasting air-cuts, SmartFEED for intelligent feed-rate adjustment based on depth-of-cut and SmartPATH for advanced tool-path optimisation.

ICAM adaptive post-processing

Adaptive Post-Processing

Maximise the performance of your three-axis and five-axis machines with ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processor. Adaptive Post-Processing is a new NC programming methodology that combines post-processing, simulation and optimisation in one concurrent operation, saving you from 25% to 35% in programming and machine cycle time.



ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution for robots provides drilling and milling operations and interfaces directly with the most popular CAD/CAM systems on the market such as CATIA, NX CAM, Creo, HyerMill and Mastercam. ICAM’s solution can create specific G-code for major robots brands such as PUMA, ABB, KUKA and FANUC.

UHF Systems

UHF Systems

ICAM’s integrated post-processing & machine simulation solution allows programmers to quickly and efficiently program various types of UHF systems, allowing users to dynamically move the actuators to avoid any collisions.


Users of 3DEXPERIENCE can easily integrate the ICAM product into their manufacturing workflow with ICAM Foundation. 

ICAM Foundation is a post-processor development software that allows 3DEXPERIENCE platform users to easily create, edit and manage unlimited two-axis lathe and three-axis mill post-processors supporting the most popular CNC machines and controllers on the market. Integrating ICAM’s state-of-the-art capabilities into CATIA V5 applications offers the user a unique and powerful solution to generate the data necessary to run their machine tools

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