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3DEXPERIENCE for Academia, the most advanced software for product and learning innovation is available to all educators and students who want to experience the engineering practices of industry leaders for increased employment opportunities in the new global economy. Years of collaboration with educators and students across various institutions and disciplines have led to a flexible, tailored set of learning solutions.


3DEXPERIENCE for Academia opens a new playground for educators and learners. With installation as fast as 10 minutes and no IT support required, everyone can almost instantly access the vast field of solutions that have revolutionised worldwide industry processes during the last decades.

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia encompasses a suite of world-class integrated software:

CATIA Dassault Systemes


for product design

Discover CATIA
DELMIA Dassault Systemes


for digital manufacturing

Discover DELMIA


for realistic simulation

Discover SIMULIA


for collaborative innovation

Discover ENOVIA


for high-precision rendering and interactive immersion

Academia Package 3DEXPERIENCE

For more information on the 3DEXPERIENCE Roles for Academia, please visit the 3DS website

Preparing the Workforce of the Future

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia is an advanced platform designed for a variety of industries, enabling the new practices of the fourth industrial revolution. It offers the ideal infrastructure for bringing industry practices into learning. Encompassing CAD, CAM and CAE capabilities, the platform provides powerful solutions for managing collaborative work and joint innovation. Modular, it can be adopted either in full, or just a specific component.


3DEXPERIENCE for Academia comes as a multidisciplinary social collaboration baseline. It can be extended with dedicated packages supporting educational, research and organisational processes in Design and Engineering, Systems Engineering, Manufacturing and Production, Architecture and Civil Engineering, and Project Management. New packages address advanced simulation and create high-quality VR content for digital marketing and procedural learning.


Via an intuitive, web-based user interface, educators can easily create local or international collaborative environments, such as student projects or exams, and assign roles to participants. Students can start projects on campus, continue at home and discuss issues over online communities or screen-sharing. The platform ensures that they always access the latest version of their work.

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Success Story

Read about one university's journey in implementing 3DEXPERIENCE

University of Adelaide

Hands-on learning is proven to be far more effective at helping students understand what they’ve been taught. Done right, it also better equips them for the workplace.

This is one of the primary reasons why the University of Adelaide gives its engineering students access to state-of-the-art high-performance design solutions that are both compelling to use and industry practice.

The university chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform because of its powerful, comprehensive capabilities that will help its students to get the most out of their studies.

The platform is being used in a variety of ways. For example, as part of a final Honours project, a student team led by Jessica Evans relied on it heavily to create an innovative autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) as a virtual twin.

Evans, who went on to graduate in mechanical engineering, said she benefited greatly from the RFLP (Requirements, Functional, Logical and Physical)-based framework in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This supports end-to-end system engineering processes and linked the physical assembly of her AUV design to its product function via a unified system definition.

The implementation of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform is expected to help students not only cope in the modern engineering environment, but to thrive.

“We have graduates going into civil space, marine and offshore, green energy, resources, automotive and consulting, and also defence,” said David Harvey, the university’s director of digital and systems engineering. “All of them need to be proficient in digital skills. Many of the employers across these sectors are also looking for graduates who can help them digitally transform.”

Ultimately, the platform also facilitates collaborative work across a range of additional courses and projects. Damien Leclercq, director of partnerships and engagement at the university, added that the use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is garnering attention from local businesses. According to him, “it’s certainly opening up key industry connections. And it’s also opening up further project opportunities too.”

We chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform because it replicates the experience students would have working in the industry.

Damien Leclercq
Director of Partnerships and Engagement, University of Adelaide

Students learn about the connected nature of design and the value of a model-based systems engineering approach.

Dr David Harvey
Director of Digital and Systems engineering, University of Adelaide

3D MOOCS Studio

Students have different means to learn such as lectures, exercises, textbooks or labs. Dassault Systèmes wants to broaden and improve these existing learning methods thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE by providing educators with easy means to develop teaching methods online, from flipped classrooms to flipped labs, all over the world.
Traditional MOOCS Studios are places limited to lectures and exercises recording. 3D MOOCS Studio is an experience which aims to go further by enabling educators to quickly and easily produce, integrate and share interactive 3D animations, in addition to video, audio or text files, to enrich their courses and make learning process more engaging.

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