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NETVIBES Discipline

Gain decision-making insights on market trends, programs and products to achive business targets

Define a portfolio of products and services based on a global business strategy to capitalize on market trends and comply with regulations. Flexibly plan and track programs and projects via analytics to deliver on time, on cost and on quality. Capture and leverage knowledge and know-how to foster innovation. Monitor environmental assessments to meet product sustainability goals.



Capitalize on market trends

Establish a business advantage by launching products or services that capitalize on market trends

Real-Time Monitoring

Improve project performance and mitigate risks through real-time monitoring and assessment

Deliver successful projects

Deliver programs and projects on time, on cost and on quality

Improve Sustainability

Enforce sustainability goals that maximize product performance and minimize environmental impact

Discover the roles within NETVIBES for Planning


Asset quality analyst

Asset Quality Analyst

Smart guidance empowering after-sales organizations on reactive/preventive maintenance

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change intelligence consumer

Change Intelligence Consumer

A live 360° analysis of changes for the efficient program and product management by performing diagnostics and trend analysis on past and ongoing changes

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issue intelligence consumer

Issue Intelligence Consumer

Cockpit to get a live status on issues management, for performing analysis on past & ongoing issues, with the ability to build new analytics to answer questions

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project intelligence consumer

Project Intelligence Consumer

Cockpit to get a live status on project operations, for performing diagnostic, trend analysis, with the ability to build analytics to answer specific questions

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social business analyst

Social Business Analyst

Make insight-driven business decisions with powerful analytics, trends gathering, market information and competitive intelligence

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social business explorer

Social Business Explorer

Leverage powerful social business intelligence dashboards to make insight-driven decisions

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sustainable innovation analyst

Sustainable Innovation Analyst

Investigate a 360° view of the sustainability metrics of products and processes throughout their entire lifecycle to propose the best alternatives

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