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Tool Building & Inspection Suite

Quickly and accurately set tooling details with real-time “build-to” computer aided assembly to CAD. Adjust, shim, ream, and perfect your assembly followed by instant QC inspection report of the completed tool or assembly
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Verify design conformance faster. Identify precise detail location and orientation through direct comparison to CAD. Set tooling details in seconds with real-time visual feedback right on the shop floor.


Verisurf’s Tool Building and Inspection Suite address both manufacturing and alignment tasks by combining the capabilities of Verisurf’s CAD, MEASURE, and BUILD modules. The BUILD module dynamically displays a large, colour-coded deviation arrow in real time as a CMM probe or laser tracker SMR is manipulated on the physical part surface. The colour, direction, and magnitude of the Build arrow is displayed along with numerical readouts to indicate deviation from the nominal position. The Tool Building and Inspection Suite is ideal for confirming that tooling form or assembly attachment details are within allowable tolerances during fabrication or assembly.


Dynamic, on-screen Build arrow shows deviation

Colour, size, and orientation indicates positional offset, magnitude, and direction from nominal

Create multiple, customisable digital read-outs (DROs) to display deviation details

Eliminate or reduce the need for hard tooling

Use multiple devices simultaneously to align details to their exact design location

Key Features


Import & Prep the CAD Model – Commence Work

  • Import native original or agnostic CAD model. Organise it for clarity and efficiency.
  • Check, modify reference system(s) w/ tools for easy setup, mirror, transform, etc.
  • Apply automatic MBD from CAD or use GD&T and nominals from dwgs.
  • Auto Align into device and CAD reference system, fast, easy and accurate.

Alignment, Setup & Environment Optimised

  • Apply built-in thermal expansion compensation for accuracy during temp change.
  • Secure and measure drift points, best practice for reliable measurement.
  • Execute model-based, user-prompted inspection plan without complex coding.
  • Re-check setup with Quick Drift Check to ensure and report stability of the job.

Locate Components of the Assembly & Inspect

  • Set assembly components, precision positioning with many helpful indicators.
  • Optionally execute an Auto Inspect plan for complete, controlled inspection.
  • Optimise workflow as opportunities are discovered to increase productivity.
  • Re-run automatically created plan for subsequent parts or re-inspection.

Inspection Report & Data Analysis

  • Inspection reports are easy with professional templates or simple customisation.
  • Run report, act on clearly highlighted out-of-tolerance conditions.
  • Capture super-clear graphical images of as-manufactured conditions.
  • Automatic report generation to PDF, spreadsheet, QC database, etc.

Included Application Modules

The Tool Building & Inspection Suite Includes These Software Modules


Built on Today’s Most Powerful, Robust CAD System

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The Metrology Tool for Feature-Based Part Inspection

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A Virtual Gage for Real-Time Inspection and Assembly

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