Imagination Wave

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    Imagination Wave – Ride the Waves of Consumer Tastes with perfectly targeted products

    Satisfying customer demand is challenging, with constantly fluctuating consumer tastes and preferences. Timing is a critical element where acute awareness of emerging demand along with the ability to flexibly adapt to unforseen changes while also shortening new product development is required.

    In order to overcome these challenges, the Imagination Wave Solution targets and accelerates complex new electronic product introductions. Customer Sentiment and Design Engineering work accelerates communication between teams and enhances work reuse. Combined with 3D visualization, it provides a perfect forum for collaboration. There are fewer losses as product needs designs and specifications flow quickly throughout the team and creativity is maximized.

    These improvements will result in stakeholders responding on time. Overall, Imagination Wave ensures fast concept development that is ready for engineering.


    Discover Key Values of Imagination Wave Solution

      • Complex electronics products now have shorter time-to-market


      • Emerging customer demand and preferences is met and understood clearly


      • Reduce coordination delays and miscommunication between design and engineering teams


      • Accelerate new product introduction and broaden diversification with design reuse


    • Adapt quickly to new specifications and changes during new product development