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MEMKO has transformed how engineers, designers and experts work by equipping them with the technology to define, communicate, collaborate and predict how their designs will perform so they can be optimised even before they’re built.

Across the Aerospace & Defence industry, rising customer expectations along with growing program complexity make it more challenging to compete. As systems become more complex to design, build and deliver, OEMs and suppliers need to accelerate innovation, drive efficiency and move to the factory of the future to allow for greater agility on production rates. This requires a new way to conceptualise, design, manufacture, test, certify and sustain new air and space vehicles.

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Aerospace & Defence Software Solutions

Build to Operate

build to operate

For aerospace and defence companies, Build to Operate, based on DELMIA Apriso, offers Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities to monitor, control and validate all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision throughout their supply chain on a global scale.

Co-Design to Target

co-design to target

With the Co-Design to Target Industry Solution Experience, aerospace and defence companies – from large manufacturers to smaller suppliers – can improve program execution to meet cost, schedule and performance targets. Performing to schedule ensures companies can avoid millions of dollars in potential contract penalties by meeting product delivery dates.

Engineered to Fly

engineered to fly

With digital continuity across functions, or throughout the complete value stream, aerospace and defence suppliers can achieve higher margins through reduced design time, leading to increased quality as issues are identified early, the number of duplicate parts are reduced, and manufacturing is optimised.

Licence to Fly

licence to fly

Licence to Fly powered by the 3DEXEPERIENCE platform, accelerates the certification process while ensuring aircraft safety remains the primary objective.  Achieve Type Certificate on time, reduce cost of certification by 25%, and build confidence with aviation authorities.

Passenger Experience

passenger experience

The Passenger Experience industry solution allows you to profitably deliver custom or personalised cabin interiors by automating engineering, manufacturing and certification processes while providing realistic visual assets for use by engineering, sales, marketing and training.

Ready for Rate

ready for rate

Analysts estimate that over 30% of errors and waste occur during production.  Addressing the supply chain and production planning, the Ready for Rate Industry Solution Experience provides manufacturers with the ability to accelerate the time it takes to reach full production rate.

Reinvent the Sky

reinvent the sky

The Reinvent the Sky Industry Solution Experience accelerates the product life cycle from concept to certification. By optimising program execution and leveraging the power of digital continuity on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, SME’s and OEM’s reduce complexity and design for manufacturing during product development.

Test to Perform

test to perform

Test to Perform connects test teams with designers and expert analysts throughout the program life cycle. Eliminating the silos across all teams allows improved traceability throughout all phases of testing and provides full management visibility.

Winning Program

winning program

Winning Program along with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows knowledge capture of the end to end proposal process to ensure repeatability and re-usability, reducing the time spent on tactical proposal and program management.

Aerospace & Defence Market Segments

Airframe OEM's

Aircraft OEM’s deliver on schedule, on target and on budget while integrating new technologies and complying with complex regulations required for certification. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help Airframe OEM’s accelerate programs from concept to takeoff.

Aerospace Suppliers

Suppliers meet the pressure from the big aircraft, system and engine makers to sign long-term supply agreements, promise regular price reductions and accept liability should something go wrong. This is achieved all while working to improve quality, deliver faster and drive down costs.

aerospace suppliers


Defence budgets are on the rise again as defence companies look to improve upon their traditional bespoke development model. Typically this development approach carries high-cost structures, long development cycles and a limited ability to invest ahead of the market. Defence contractors must manage programs across the entire supply chain and improve on-time and on-cost delivery.


Manufacturers of rocket and aircraft engines must ramp up production rates and create greater manufacturing agility. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform can help propulsion companies accelerate engine development from concept to take off up to 50 percent.



New technology allows companies to reach space objectives quicker and in a more cost efficient manner. 3D printing, re-usable space launch vehicles, and lower cost manufacturing techniques lowering the cost of entry and allow new competitors to enter the market and allow veteran companies to improve margins.

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