Test to Perform

Improve quality and mitigate risks by optimising both physical and virtual testing.

Test to Perform expands and enhances how aerospace companies leverage virtual and physical testing throughout the life of the program. Test to Perform connects test teams with designers and expert analysts throughout the program lifecycle. Eliminating the silos across teams improved collaboration and traceability throughout all phases of testing. Management can also discover potential issues earlier and make better decision with full visibility.

Key Benefits

Enhance Testing Quality and Trust

Accelerate the time from concept to prototype with less resources by leveraging a single platform on the cloud.

Improve Visibility of Test Plans

Engineers, analysis, manufacturing and quality can orchestrate and interpret all physical and virtual test results with real-time 360° dashboards with full traceability.

Lower Testing Costs

Lower testing and certification costs over 25 percent through increased virtual testing, using realistic multi-physics, multi-discipline simulation.