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Delivering Growth in the Experience Economy

Today’s consumers in the Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail (CPGR) industry are no longer concerned with just product quality and price, they now want to be part of a collaborative product experience.

When a brand or retailer fails to deliver on expectations, consumers will move on.  As a result, CPGR product lifecycles are getting shorter.  Leading CPGR companies are leveraging digital solutions to deliver innovation from concept to consumer with extraordinary speed to delight consumers and drive sustainable business growth.

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Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Software Solutions

Perfect Lab

Perfect Lab is an integrated lab solution to help transform lab processes to improve productivity and bring rapid, game-changing innovation to market faster. Perfect Lab streamlines the process of finding new ingredients and materials for formulation testing. It features fast, easy-to use chemical inventory management to minimise compliance and safety issues.

Perfect Formulation

perfect formulation

Perfect Formulation, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables companies to take a holistic approach for finding the most optimal product solution. R&D scientists can understand consumer needs, use in-silico models to predict formulation behaviour, design and test formulas for efficacy and manufacturability, optimise formula costs and ensure regulatory compliance – all on a single platform.

Perfect Package

perfect package

Perfect Package, from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables brand manufacturers, design and marketing agencies, packaging suppliers and artwork studios in the CPGR industry to collaborate together to create breakthrough designs from concept to in-store visualisation.

Perfect Production

perfect production

Perfect Production is an agile solution from order to execution plus supply chain management. Global manufacturers and suppliers improve synchronisation of material flows and scheduling that could otherwise result in bottlenecks, errors and cost increases if not addressed.

Perfect Logistics

perfect logistics

Perfect Logistics provides retailers with full control of logistics by optimising operations for reduced transport costs. With this solution, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, stakeholders share a common view of operations, which includes the best routes, truck capacity, and regulations, all focusing on timely deliveries.

Perfect Store

perfect store

Today, CPGR Brands and Retailers can rely on Perfect Store, a 3DEXPERIENCE solution leveraging powerful 3D digital displays to imagine, plan and deploy store environments aligned with brand objectives and consumer feedback.

Perfect Product Staging

perfect product staging

Perfect Product Staging enables brands to create impressive digital marketing assets, visuals, animations and deliver personalised product experiences that resonate with consumers. Brands can generate interactive marketing and sales experiences that improve the buying journey.

Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Market Segments

Food & Beverage

Consumers in all regions are increasingly interested in health issues and this outlook is shaping which products and brands they choose to purchase. Many CPGR manufacturers are responding by reformulating old brands and launching trendy new ones to align their portfolio for growth.

Food and Beverage

Beauty & Personal Care

The lines are blurring between Beauty & Personal Care companies and Life Science companies. Consumers today are considering what they eat, what medicines they take and the beauty products they use as part of a holistic approach for health and wellness. In response to the demands of the consumer, regulatory bodies have increased their rules and regulations on what goes in formulations, what can go on the package, how materials are handled and more.

Beauty and Personal Care

Household Products

Cleaning the world does not mean you have to dirty the planet. There is a significant shift towards household products in the CPGR industry that are effective but gentle and eco-friendly to the environment. To meet this demand and expand the market for sustainable and ‘green’ products, household product CPGR manufacturers must enhance their product portfolio with products that can compete. This means driving sustainability initiatives across product development, reformulation efforts, and both packaging and manufacturing initiatives.

Packaging Suppliers

In a time of rapidly changing consumer trends, packaging suppliers face the challenges of efficiently delivering fresh designs in shorter and shorter timeframes. To differentiate their value propositions in a market of ‘perceived commodity’, packaging suppliers must drive innovation based on consumer insights and make their entire operation more efficient.

packaging suppliers

General Retailers

Retailers looking to differentiate themselves in the new economy must focus on maximising customer service. This means providing a wide range of real-time, dynamic delivery pricing and speed options. Retailers also must ensure on-time delivery and delivery-split options. Intelligent logistics solutions with these capabilities are required if retailers are to remain competitive while keeping up with the choice and customisation requirements of today’s marketplace.

General Retailers

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Formulation Classification

MEMKO’s Integrated 3DEX Formulation Classification App leverages the product data managed within 3DEXPERIENCE to provide formulation management and reporting for companies in the Food & Beverage industry. Capabilities include management of ingredients and nutritional information, solid to liquid conversions, supplier variation management, liquid to solid loss measurement, and cost optimisation. The App also generates a NIP (Nutritional Informational Panel) that is available to downstream processes including packaging.

Specification Management

MEMKO’s Specification Management App leverages the 3DEXPERIENCE GLS (Global Specification) Role to provide a centralised, single version of the truth for all product data including ingredients, raw materials, finished goods etc. The App manages all types of hierarchies and relationships and allows users to append ALL product related information. Companies can manage the product development process from Draft (Ideation) through to completion (Authorised) and manage Finished Goods relationships with all other specification types; i.e. quality, packaging, artwork, raw material, formulation etc.

Dashboard Reporting

MEMKO’s Dashboard Reporting framework enables companies to select and display any type of information within the product development process. Users can choose the information they want to analyse from drop down menus and then display the information in a range of different options, such as charts, tables and graphs. The information can also be exported into different formats for presentations or import into other systems.

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