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Rethink Energy & Materials Innovation to Create a Sustainable Future

Energy & Materials businesses must diversify into new ventures, increase their pace of innovation and increase responsiveness by aligning product supply with changing priorities and demands of customers and society to combat the many new challenges they face.

Discover how to address your challenges through digitisation and collaboration with an integrated approach that connects people, information, and processes across organisations, ecosystems, and value streams that span engineering, product development, construction, operations and delivery.

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Energy & Materials Software Solutions

Capital Facilities Information Excellence

Capital Facilities

Capital Facilities Information Excellence provides a single source of trust for every stage of the plant lifecycle, from early design and engineering, to construction, operation and decommissioning. Knowledge is accessible to enable business processes control, project governance and to drive continuous improvement in execution.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence provides Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies and owner/operators with a unified environment to efficiently achieve ‘zero-defect’ engineering that supports design and construction of new capital facilities, as well as modernization and life extension of existing ones.

Construction Excellence

Construction Excellence

Construction Excellence enables Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies and owner/operators to deliver on-time and on-budget construction projects. It is a complete planning, site management, field execution and commissioning solution that enables a true lean construction approach.

Operations Excellence

operations excellence

Operations Excellence bridges the gap between Sales and Operations. It is a fully integrated solution to optimise raw materials procurement, transportation, inventory, product dispatching, production scheduling and execution. With it, producers gain advanced modelling and proven solver capabilities to simulate “what-if” scenario for optimal decision-making.

Decommissioning Excellence

decomissioning excellence

Decommissioning Excellence provides owner/operators with a unified environment in which all assets and waste inventories can be recorded and managed. Visualizing and simulating decommissioning operations in a virtual environment promotes greater field worker safety, while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Integrated Mine Planning

integrated mine planning

Integrated Mine Planning is a solution for geological data discovery, reserves definition, mine engineering and scheduling of mining activities. With it, you gain the ability to iteratively produce up-to-date resource models and executable plans and schedules to deliver higher predictability and peak financial performance.

Unified Reservoir

unified reservoir

Unified Reservoir is an integrated platform-based solution that improves efficiency in drilling, laboratory analysis of rock samples, field development, fracking and production workflows. It introduces advanced rock mechanics, fully coupled with both reservoir modelling and flow simulation.

Perfect Lab

Perfect Lab

Perfect Lab is an integrated lab solution to help transform lab processes to improve productivity and bring rapid, game-changing innovation to market faster. Perfect Lab streamlines the process of finding new ingredients and materials for formulation testing. It features fast, easy-to use chemical inventory management to minimise compliance and safety issues.

Perfect Formulation

perfect formulation

Perfect Formulation, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables companies to take a holistic approach for finding the most optimal product solution. R&D scientists can understand consumer needs, use in-silico models to predict formulation behaviour, design and test formulas for efficacy and manufacturability, optimise formula costs and ensure regulatory compliance – all on a single platform.

Energy & Materials Market Segments


Power companies have the mandate to sustainability match output with demand at all times. Meanwhile, they are required to maintain this reliability and availability of assets in an increasingly competitive landscape and in a world where power disruption is not allowed under any conditions.


Oil & Gas

As a part of their growth and sustainability-related business strategy, Oil & Gas companies are continually exploring across all geological and geographical environments, using industry-leading technology and capabilities.  As markets continue to show high volatility and dynamic structural changes, companies must master core supply chain capabilities to gain competitive advantage.

oil and gas


Accurate and real-time visibility of global production capabilities allows Chemical companies to efficiently leverage their overall production plan, resulting in on-budget and on-time delivery of projects and products with consistent quality.


Metals & Minerals

One of the greatest expenses and impacts on profits metals and minerals producers face is energy costs. By understanding holistically how processes work together across production and supply chains, schedules can be optimised and made more efficient. This minimises the steps involved and along with it associated energy consumption while still yielding the highest throughput levels.

metals & minerals


With high grade deposits disappearing and geographically easier deposits becoming increasingly tapped out, mining companies are being pushed into more remote locations outside of friendly political climates and deeper beneath the surface. This means that mining and processing must become more efficient. It also requires that as the supply chain is becoming more complex, truck, rail and port facilities all have a role to play in being made more productive.


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