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Innovative thinking is a critical tool in today’s highly competitive business environment. Customers’ requirements are constantly evolving and it is important to understand them by using the right technologies for product development. Industrial Equipment companies need to invest in the right resources to be able to fulfil customer demand, be able to control costs and expand profits.

Industrial Equipment companies need to turn to value added services in order to boost their profit margins. Our Industry Solution Experiences will be able to reap many benefits whilst adding value to your company.

Software Solution Experiences

Explore the software solutions that will give your business a competitive advantage – includes world class PLM, 3D visualisation for your VM teams, factory planning, advanced value chain optimisation, and more.

Market Segments

Explore how the solutions have been configured to provide a relevant user experience for different market segments, including heavy equipment, machinery, fabricated metal, installed equipment & other industrial products.

Business Processes

Explore the business processes that are supported by Dassault’s solutions and understand how the solutions support your existing systems and processes.

Resource Centre

Explore global case studies, testimonials, press releases and white papers.