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Transportation & Mobility Solutions

Bid to Win

Bid to Win

Bid to Win 3DEXPERIENCE® solutions enable your teams with the industry-proven tools and processes to analyze opportunities, win optimal new business, then design, engineer, validate, manufacture and deliver on target to their customers’ satisfaction.

Drive Emotion

Drive Emotion

Connect the industrial design development actors in a collaborative environment to imagine, shape and validate concepts. The Drive Emotion industry solution experience, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, delivers a holistic design experience that keeps the magic going from initial sketch to virtual validation of a design in a fully-immersive environment.

Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

As pollution and climate change are a growing concern among the public, we are witnessing a fundamental change in the automotive domain. Vehicle electrification is now competitive and viable, and is definitely part of OEMs’ strategy concerning the future of mobility.

Electro Mobility Accelerator

Electro Mobility Accelerator

The Electro Mobility Accelerator solutions provide the industry-proven capabilities to germinate new EV vehicle ideas, explore regional options, virtually simulate & validate performance, all on one secure, powerful platform.

Global Modular Architecture

Global Modular Architecture

The Global Modular Architecture solution is a disruptive approach that fits the new development challenges and goes beyond traditional Product Data Management (PDM) with an enterprise systems engineering approach to drive early Bill of Materials (BOM), and a configured Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to support the designers’ tasks.

Lean Production Run

ready for rate

Lean Production Run is an end-to-end solution for global manufacturers that delivers comprehensive planning and scheduling capabilities at enterprise, plant, and line levels while seamlessly supporting digital continuity across all aspects of manufacturing operations (production, quality, material synchronization, and performance management).

On-Target Vehicle Launch

On-Target Vehicle Launch

Rapidly engineer and industrialise optimised vehicles for comfort and safety. The automotive industry is facing disruptive changes with electric, connected and autonomous vehicles. To survive, OEMs must reinvent new driving experiences and stake their claim for electric vehicle market share.

Smart Safe and Connected

Smart Safe and Connected

Our Smart, Safe and Connected solutions accelerate product & service innovation to market, fortify your ability to manage complex systems and provide an integrated platform for mechanical, electronics, electrical & software disciplines.

Virtual Garage

Virtual Garage

The Virtual Garage industry solution experience enables your company to leverage existing vehicle CAD data to improve the speed, quality, and reach of your digital product promotions and customer engagement activities across all brand and product touch points.

Transportation & Mobility Segments

Car and Light Truck OEMs

Helping brands and manufacturers of passenger cars, light trucks & vans adapt to new regulations, bring new technology to the market and please their demanding customers.

Car and Light Truck

Mobility Services

Design, simulate, plan and schedule attractive and robust transportation services for safe, shared and sustainable mobility

Mobility Services - Public Transport


Ensuring cycle futurists have industry-leading capabilities to develop and deliver high-performance, innovatively styled, new motorcycle and scooter experiences.


Racing Cars

Enabling global racing innovators to craft the ultimate, race-winning vehicles, while also fulfilling industry requirements and optimising performance

Racing Cars


Enabling global suppliers to successfully manage multi-OEM priorities, fulfill regional requirements and deliver competitive innovation, while ensuring profitability.



Providing rolling stock developers with industry-proven capabilities and processes to pursue more diversified, profitable and safer rail and train developments.


Trucks and Buses

Empowering truck and bus innovators to conceptualise, engineer, simulate and produce modular, multi-function, next-generation commercial vehicles.


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Customer Stories


3CON Image 1 resized

The company adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform for virtual design, collaborative innovation and workflow management.


AKKA Image 1 resized

AKKA Technologies needed to bring a disruptive solution to allow collaboration throughout its multi-site and multidisciplinary departments.

Kreisel Electric

Kreisel Electric Image 1 resized

Discover how Kreisel Electric uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for digital continuity.

Alstom Transport

Alstom Transport Image 1 resized

A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway sector.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Image 1 resized

Tesla Motors is dedicated to changing the world’s view of electric cars. Tesla was founded in 2003 by engineers, who set out to prove that electric vehicles did not have to be unattractive, slow econoboxes with limited range. Instead, they could be awesome.

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Image 1 resized

Jaguar Land Rover’s heritage comprises some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, including the Jaguar Mark II, the E-Type, and the Land Rover Defender.

DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles Image 1 resized

The company selected Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and its Virtual Garage Industry Solution Experience to create its immersive experience DS Virtual Vision.

Spark Racing Technology

Spark Image 1 resized

Spark Racing Technology needed to design, assemble and deliver an electric-powered racing car on time within budget to all teams participating in the fourth season of the Formula E racing series.


NIO Image 1 resized

The company chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its Electro Mobility Accelerator industry solution to bring together different disciplines in its development and manufacturing teams.


Canoo Image 1 resized

Canoo needed a cloud-based digital collaboration platform to facilitate the work of design and engineering experts and to devote more resources to competitive product development.

Addressing the business challenges of the Transportation & Mobility Industry


Electric Vehicles

Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Next-generation vehicle success requires advanced creative design, shared intelligence, systems engineering and multi-domain


Mass Production Line

Mass Production to Mass Customisation

Improve visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing production and operations within and across global/local plants


Quality, Regulations, Cost

Quality, Regulations, Cost

Accelerate profitable new opportunities, while ensuring quality, fulfilling global/local requirements, and minimising expenses


New Customer Car Experience

New Customer Experience

Dream, explore, validate then seamlessly produce bold new mobility options for demanding global consumers

Trends in the Transportation & Mobility Industry

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