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Systems Engineering

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Mastering the cross-discipline system development process

Developing smart products has never been more challenging.  Developers need an integrated systems engineering approach that enables them to manage the complete development process.  Requirements engineering, systems architecture definition, detailed modeling and simulation of complex systems and the development of embedded software all need to be mastered in the context of the complete product. 


The Systems Engineering solution from Dassault Systèmes delivers a unique, open and extensible development platform – a platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modeling, simulation, verification and business process support needed for developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products. It enables organizations to quickly and easily evaluate requests for changes or develop new products or system variants, while utilizing a unified performance based systems engineering approach that reduces the overall cost of system and product development.

3DEXPERIENCE Systems Engineering


Accelerate product development

Leverage a best-in-class model-based system development platform to accelerate the development and validation of complex systems and products.

Compliance with market regulations

Ensure compliance with market requirements and regulations while improving time-to-market and reducing costs through world-class requirements engineering.

Improve cross-disciplinary collaboration

Collaborate across all disciplines to define a complete systems architecture through multiple operational, functional and component views.

Verify complex product behaviour

Verify the behavior of complex products and systems, that span multiple engineering disciplines, through Modelica based modeling and simulation.

Leverage intelligent embedded systems

Integrate the embedded systems and 3D product design processes to leverage intelligent embedded systems in the 3DEXPERIENCE simulation of complex mechatronic products and systems.

Discover the roles within CATIA for Systems Engineering


3d routed systems designer

3D Routed Systems Designer

Save costly development time and reach yatch makers expectations by optimizing the physical design of electrical and tubing systems in context of the yatch

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Avionics Architect

Ensure consistency of Avionics architecture data of complex Aircraft Systems to prepare, by connecting the dots, detailed designs

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Battery Systems Engineer for High-Tech

Rapid convergence of battery systems development from cells engineering to the battery pack design by using multi-physics simulation

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Battery Systems Engineering for Transportation & Mobility

Rapid convergence of battery systems development from cells engineering to battery pack design in context of the full vehicle bu using multi-physics simulation

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Chassis systems engineer

Chassis Systems Engineer

Rapid convergence of chassis and suspension systems development with fast investigation of controlled vehicle handling behaviours

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concept systems simulation engineer for aerospace and defence

Concept Systems Simulation Engineer for Aerospace & Defence

Rapid Assessment and convergence for the right aircraft system concept by using multi-physics simulation

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Control & Actuation Systems Simulation Engineer for Aerospace & Defence

Rapid convergence of controlled surface systems and landing gear system development by using multi-physics simulation

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Dynamic systems engineer

Dynamic Systems Engineer

Rapidly model, simulate and validate complex engineering systems using Modelica language, fully immersed in a Model Based Systems Engineering approach

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electric powertrain systems engineer

Electric Powertrain Systems Engineer

Rapid convergence and investigation of the full electric powertrain performance by using multi-phyisics simulation

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electrical 3d and manufacturing engineer

Electrical 3D & Manufacturing Engineer

Optimize the physical design of wire harnesses and cable systems in context of the complete product and prepare quickly high quality manufacturing documentation

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electrical cabling 3d system engineer

Electrical 3D System Engineer

An integral 3D electrical development environment which enables the physical design of wire harness and cabling in the context of the complete product

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civil engineer

Electrical Cabling 3D System Engineer

An integrated 3D electrical development environment which enables the physical design of cabling and cable tray systems in context of the complete product

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electrical and control architect

Electrical and Control Architect

Ensure consistency of Electrical, Electronics & Software architectures data on industrial vehicle systems to prepare, by connecting the dots, detailed designs

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electrical electronics and software architect

Electrical, Electronics and Software Architect

Ensure consistency of Electrical, Electronics & Software architectures data on complex vehicle systems to prepare, by connecting the dots, detailed designs

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fmu export

FMU Export

Generate Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform in order to integrate & simulate the model on other co-simulation platforms

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fluid 3d systems engineer

Fluid 3D System Engineer

Improve piping, tubing and HVAC systems quality, shorten design time and reduce materials costs by optimizing the physical design of complex fluid systems

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mechatronics systems engineer

Mechatronics Systems Engineer

Leverage the power of Modelica and 3DEXPERIENCE to rapidly develop, simulate and validate complex mechatronics systems

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outfitting 3d systems designer

Outfitting 3D Systems Designer

Engineer fluid & electrical systems and steel layout equipment while ensuring integration/synchronization in context of the overall ship or offshore platform

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piping and hvac system engineer

Piping & HVAC 3D System Engineer

An integrated 3D fluid systems development environment for the physical design of piping and HVAC systems in the context of the Digital Mock-up

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powertrain systems engineer

Powertrain Systems Engineer

Rapid convergence of engines and transmission systems development by using multi-physics simulation

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report producer

Report Producer

Ensure documentation consistency with engineering datat thanks to on-demand report degenration based on templates

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report template administrator

Report Template Administrator

Accelerate documents creation by defining templates which automaticallt integrate data from different sources for automatic generation

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systems battery library

Systems Battery Library

Modelling, simulation and anlysis or Battery systems from cell engineering to the battery pack design and validation

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systems behaviour optimizaiton

Systems Behaviour Optimization

Optimize and tune systems parameters of a device or its controller to improve system dynamics for multiple criteria and multiple cases

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systems brushless DC drives library

Systems Brushless DC Drives Library

Allows the integration of Brushless DC motors and control into complex systems

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systems c code export

Systems C Code Export

Generate C Code from Modelica compliant systems behaviour models in order to validate the model on any hardware platform

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systems clara plus library

Systems ClaRa Plus Library

Model and simulate complex thermodynamic cycle processes for electricity power generation using Clausius Rankine cycles

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systems cooling library

Systems Cooling Library

Develop cooling systems and dimension components, dedicated to batteries, electric drives and electronic thermal management

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systems electric power library

Systems Electric Power Library

Rapidly design and validate DC and high-frequency AC electrical network

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systems electrified power train library

Systems Electrical Power Train LIbrary

Modeling, simulation and analysis of electric drive system including controller, modulation method, inverter, electric machines and their thermal models

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systems experirence tester

Systems Experience Tester

Test or play with real time virtual or hybrid Systems Experiences

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systems failure analyst

Systems failure Analyst

Reduce product failures by providing analysis of design quality

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systems flexible bodies library

Systems flexible bodies library

Accelerate the analysis of large motions of flexible beams, annual plates and flexible bodies

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systems flight dynamics library

System flight dynamics library

Model, simulate and analyse the flight dynamic characteristics of a wide range of flight vehicles

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systems fluid dynamics library

Systems Fluid Dynamics library

Modeling, simulation and anylsis of gas flows in three-dimensional spaces

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systems fluid power library

Systems Fluid Power library

Modeling, simulation and anylsis of hydraulic systems

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Systems HVAC library

Systems HVAC Library

Optimize the design & performance of heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems

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systems human comfort library

Systems Human Comfort Library

Model and analyze the thermal comfort of building and vehicle occupants

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systems hydrogen library

Systems Hydrogen Library

Design, simulate and optimize Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) of fuel cells systems

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systems industrial process simulation library

Systems Industrial Process Simulation Library

Perform analysis of control systems, test new control concepts, optimize start-up and shut-down process of industrial process

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Systems pneumatic library

Systems Pneumatic Library

Design pneumatic systems and predict their behaviours for a large range of industrial applications

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systems powertrain library

Systems Powertrain Library

Model and Simulate the characteristics of vehicle powertrain systems including the resulting motion of the vehicle

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systems schematic engineer

Systems Schematic Engineer

Create discipline-specific intelligent schematics for wiring, cabling, piping/tubing and HVAC systems

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systems solution architect

Systems Solution Architect

Reduce design loops by providing a consistent product defintion

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systems thermal library

Systems Thermal Library

Perform Stationary and Transient simulation of freely configurable thermodynamic systems

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systems tracebaility analyst

Systems Traceability Analyst

Reduce iteration loop by supporting collaboration and traceability in extended enterprise

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systems traceability engineer

Systems Traceability Engineer

Reduce iteration loop by supporting collaboration in extended enterpirse

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Systems VesSyMA Engines library

Systems VeSyMA Engines Library

Model spark ignition and compression ignition engines for intake and exhaust flows, emissions and torque assessment

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systems VeSyMA Library

Systems VeSyMA Library

Predict on-road vehicles main performance, fuel economy and energy usage

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systems VesSyMA powertrain library

Systems VeSyMA Powertrain Library

Predict and validate the performance of vehicle gearbox and powertrain motion

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Systems VeSyMA Suspension library

Systems VeSyMA Suspensions Library

Develop active suspension systems for vehicle dynamics including road, driver and stability control models

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systems wind power library

Systems Wind Power Library

Rapidly model and stimulate Wind Turbines at system-level for optimized performances

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thermal comfort systems engineer

Thermal Comfort Systems Engineer

Model and analyze the impact that HVAC systems weather, equipment and occupant heat loads have on the overall thermal comfort of zone occupants

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thermal systems engineer

Thermal Systems Engineer

Rapidly design and simulate complex thermal systems such as refrigeration cycles and mixtures, heat pumps and adsorption systems

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virtual design experience designer

Virtual Systems Experience Designer

Accelerate the integration test and validation of embedded systems using vrtual systems experiences

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