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Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer

CATIA Magic Product
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The CATIA Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer product is an industry leading cross-platform collaborative Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environment. It provides smart, robust, and intuitive tools to define, track, and visualize all aspects of systems in the most standard-compliant SysML models and diagrams. The environment enables systems engineers to:

  • Run engineering analysis for design decisions evaluation and requirements verification.
  • Continuously check model consistency.
  • Track design progress with metrics.

System models can be managed in remote repositories, stored as standard XMI files, or published to documents, images, and web views to address different stakeholder concerns.

Includes Following Legacy No Magic Products

MagicDraw Enterprise

MagicDraw supports the UML 2 metamodel, the latest XMI standard for data storage and the most popular programming languages for implementation

SysML Plugin

The SysML plugin retains all capabilities of award-winning MagicDraw architecture modeling environment with System Engineer perspective

Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin

The Cameo Requirements Modeler plugin integrates with other products to work with requirements no matter whether you are gathering them, importing from other tools, managing, publishing, analyzing or linking to other models

Cameo DataHub Plugin

Cameo DataHub is an integral part of CATIA Magic’s Cameo Suite providing true interoperability to the business and IT market by solving data interoperability issues between different vendors

Merge Plugin

Model Merge enables copying changes between different project versions. This functionality is usually needed when there are several branches that reflect different releases or versions of the product

Cameo Data Modeler Plugin

Cameo Data Modeler plugin provides data-related modeling for MagicDraw. It includes entity-relationship, database and XML schema modeling features.