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Value Network

NETVIBES Discipline

Optimize component sourcing and standardization from designers to suppliers

Gather and organize all your product parts and related knowledge in a 360° view thanks to powerful, intuitive, artificial intelligence-driven sourcing and standardization intelligence. Clustering technology based on 3D and semantic similarity search allows you to deduplicate, classify and standardize your components. Compare them to identify the right one to be reused by your designers.

With all of your components in one place, enhance communications between Engineering and Procurement. Test and select qualified 3D components from a robust catalog of +1,000 suppliers.

Value network


Component standardization

Reduce risk and costs by enforcing component standardization

Re-use existing parts

Decrease time-to-market by reusing existing parts

Ensure quality compliance

Ensure quality and compliance through reuse of previously qualified components

Discover the roles within NETVIBES for Value Network


classification intelligence analyst

Classification Intelligence Analyst

Classify your parts to organize and reveal knowledge from your patrimony of 3D components

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component sourcing analyst

Component Sourcing Analyst

Data analytics combining engineering and purchasing data proposes efficient and comprehensive company spend investigation to identify major potential savings

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preferred component consumer

Preferred Component Consumer

Empower designers with optimized components directly accessible in design, in line with your company’s standardization and sourcing strategy

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preferred part consumer

Preferred Part Consumer

Providing easy way to search similar parts, enforces designer and architect reuse decisions based on standardization company policy

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standard component librarian

Standard Component Librarian

Enforce IP “Capture and Reuse” corporate practices to maximize standardization across product variants and product lines

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standard component manager

Standard Component Manager

Manage your company’s catalogs of components to enable your sourcing & standardization strategy: optimized and sourceable parts at your fingertips

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standard part analyst

Standard Part Analyst

Compare, categorize and standardize company parts across programs and sites to decrease number of references and highlight the ones to be reused

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standardization intelligence analyst

Standardization Intelligence Analyst

Identify and promote components for reuse taking into account engineering, compliance, manufacturing and sourcing requirements

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