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VERICUT for Oil and Gas

Simulate oil and gas component machining
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When it comes to machining parts that are larger than six feet wide and are used throughout the world in oil and gas, refining, and petrochemical industries, preventing CNC crashes and scrapped parts is no small undertaking


To ensure high quality of large components, getting it right the first time is critical to saving time and money. VERICUT makes it easy to simulate components with complex geometries that may not be visible during the machining process.

User Story

Great Plains Industries

VERICUT simulation and optimization is the safety net for Great Plains Industries’ flexible manufacturing system (FMS) equipped with spindle probing, tool life management, remote monitoring, and other features to maximize productivity. 

By using VERICUT’s AUTO-DIFF function, which compares the part’s CAD model to the actual toolpaths used to machine it, errors such as gouging and out-of tolerance conditions are detected in advance, avoiding costly rework after the fact. And since toolpaths are graphically displayed, it’s very easy for the programmer to minimize idle time and reduce inefficient code.

GPI is also making VERICUT functionality accessible to the people on the shop floor. VERICUT Reviewer, a license-free download available on the CGTech website, gives machinists the ability to see what’s going to happen before it pushing cycle start: no more surprises, or nervously hovering over the emergency stop button while the first part is being cut.

Great Plains Industries VERICUT Users

Even programmers mess up sometimes. When they do, VERICUT is there to prevent catastrophic damage to expensive equipment. It saves us in so many ways—money for repairs, machine availability, operator injury, tool damage, and ultimately time. That’s the one thing we can’t get back

Matt White
Programmer at Great Plain Industries

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