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    Memko is your Premium provider of Industry specific Engineering Services, Software Solutions and Training

    Enabling Innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration with ENOVIA

    If you think ENOVIA is the right solution for your business and would like to buy this product, MEMKO will help you understand entire process.We will also help you with developing and implementing the framework which will ensure your PLM initiative is a success.

    Have you already purchased ENOVIA?

    You could be an existing user of ENOVIA, one of our customers or even if you have purchased it from elsewhere, MEMKO can help by customizing our services to suit your needs.

    What we can do for you is provide a solution design and implementation for upgrades or customization as well as deployment and training to suit your specific requirement and business processes.

    ENOVIA’S Range of Services

    Our ENOVIA Services are focused on helping companies build better products, define better processes, and reduce costs along the way. Intense competition is driving organizations to develop and launch new products faster and at lower cost, while maintaining stringent quality standards.

    Consulting Services

    Does your business have innovation and agility? These are two main tools that will give businesses a competitive edge and the ability to adapt quickly to rapidly changing market conditions. To achieve long term success and overcome these changes, your business will require ongoing transformation. MEMKO will provide consulting services on the following:

    • Vision
    • Architecture
    • Roadmap

    Implementation Services

        • Deployment – If you already have 3DS PLM technology and you want to implement it in a quick and efficient way, start with our ENOVIA Deployment Services. The issue most people face with deployment is that it can tend to get quite complex. Sometimes factors which are dependent on your environment, infrastructure and the specific needs of your business may get in the way of successful deployment and add to the complexity. We can make deployment an easy and seamless transformation. Our core competencies are based on our wide knowledge and deep understanding of 3DS Software and how it works.


      • Upgrade – The ENOVIA upgrade service has proven to reduce costs up to 30% along with shorter implementation time over all other upgrade options. The proven process and methodologies will minimize the impact on your budget, protects the integrity of day to day operations and ensures and efficient and cost effective upgrade.

    • Data Migration: Data migration is a process which involves the migration of data from an existing database to a new database. Whenever an organization decides to upgrade or change its database, it will need to transport the existing data to a new database.

    Application Management Services

    • Transition planning and execution
    • Business support and on-demand services

    Our Methodology

    To support and ensure successful project execution of your 3DS PLM technology, a strong Project Management Office (PMO) is required.

    PERFORM is a comprehensive online tool that supplies a consistent and disciplined approach for project planning, execution and monitoring within every service engagement. It is a disciplined service delivery method with templates for Project Management.

    At MEMKO, we utilize these project management templates based on our ENOVIA “Client Program” environment where we track project status and collaborate to achieve all of our customers’ objectives.

    • We will analyse your PLM needs
    • Conduct workshops demonstrating how business requirements are mapped out
    • Gather high level requirements and map them to PLM features
    • We can assess which requirements will need configuration and customization
    • Give you a detailed plan of implementation according to each phase

    Ongoing Support Services

    At MEMKO we believe in providing you with the best ongoing support and our staff are certified with broad knowledge, experience and a deep understanding of how 3DS PLM software works.

    Our support services will:

    • Ensure a reliable support system is set up
    • Prepare the technical environment through system configuration
    • Provide assistance and guidance
    • Establish an effective migration strategy which includes a roadmap, process and responsibilities
    • Allow you to benefit with our continuous support throughout all levels of the service