DELMIA V5 Automation & Virtual Planning


DELMIA Automation helps to significantly reduce product launch time by allowing manufacturers to test, validate, and debug your system before physical commissioning. DELMIA Automation offers powerful solutions for control engineering and automation lifecycle management that enable validation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) against a virtual machine, a cell, or an entire line and performance analysis of these systems.

DELMIA Automation provides a natural extension to the DELMIA PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) offering. While PLM solutions simplify and enhance end-to-end product management, Automation solutions validate and improve the internal behavior of control systems.

Key Benefits of DELMIA Automation Solutions

    • Validate all diagnostic codes without being on the shop floor
    • Visualize and validate the process, driven by the PLC code prior to integration
    • Validate as many “what if?” scenarios as needed and fully debug controls
    • Test production and failure conditions
    • Work with any PLC on the market such as Schneider. Omron, or Rockwell Automation
    • Achieve a significant reduction in risk and start-up time.