DELMIA V5 Human Ergonomics for Manufacturing


Human Factors for Manufacturing provides a full-featured human modeling solution for defining, validating, and optimizing the human “workers” in the manufacturing environment. Advanced, user-defined digital human manikins can be created and manipulated in a DELMIA V5 DPM environment for human-product interaction and worker process analysis early in the product life cycle.

The solutions give user organizations a suite of human simulation and human factors (HF) tools specifically geared toward understanding and optimizing the relationship between humans and the products they manufacture, install, operate and maintain. From a factory worker to an aircraft pilot—today’s manufacturers must consider these Human Factors (HF) early in the product life cycle. The addition of four human catalogs in R18 allows faster optimization of manikins and increases time to market and ROI.

DELMIA Human includes the following products:

    • DELMIA Human Builder 2 (MHB)
    • DELMIA Human Activity Analysis 2 (MHA)
    • DELMIA Human Posture Analysis 2 (MHP)
    • DELMIA Human Measurements Editor 2 (MHM)
    • DELMIA Human Task Simulation 2 (MHT)