DELMIA Navigation and Collaboration

Navigation and Collaboration delivers viewing and navigation access to the product, process and resource (PPR) data for design engineers and others throughout the enterprise, thereby providing a powerful communication and collaboration tool for viewing and sharing information, linking design, manufacturing, stakeholders and the non-technical community.

The following configurations are included in this domain:


    • DELMIA PPR Navigator for Manufacturing (EPC)
      DELMIA PPR Navigator Configuration enables users to access and navigate the Manufacturing Hub, allowing them to create, manipulate and navigate any item of information that is of significance within the context of integrated process engineering.This configuration includes the following products:

      • ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Client (EMH)
      • ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Server (EMS)
      • 3D Layout Planning (L3P)
      • Object Customization (OCU)
      • PPR Navigator and Editor (PRN)
      • Plantype Editor (PTE)
      • Report Designer (RPD)
    • DELMIA ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Access (EAC)
      DELMIA ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Access Configuration allows DELMIA V5 clients to access the ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub (IPD Server)This configuration includes the following products:

      • Configuration and Effectivity (CEF)
      • ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Client (EMH)
      • ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub Server (EMS)
      • Manufacturing Change Management (MCM)
    • DELMIA 3DLive Configuration (LID)
      The DELMIA 3DLive configuration enables a user to search and navigate on DELMIA Product, Process & Resource (PPR) information stored in the ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub, regardless of location, for on demand real-time 3D collaboration. DELMIA 3DLive provides out of the box support for other Dassault Systèmes 3DLive Applications, to deliver on-demand support for specialized activities including processes that require more advanced collaborative reviewing capabilities.Services based on the Dassault Systemes’ service-oriented architecture (SOA) offer DELMIA 3DLive users access to any kind of PLM sources (including ENOVIA Manufacturing Hub and 3D XML files) while leveraging advanced collaboration scenarios between all stakeholders.This configuration also enables administrators to create and define the settings of 3DLive for end users through 3DVIA 3DLive Product (DSN) extensions available with this configuration.