DELMIA Process Planning Discipline

Process Planning provides a comprehensive process and resource planning support environment. The resulting process diagrams offer a clear overview of the sequences and links between processes and resources early in product design conception.

The following configurations are included in this domain:


    • DPM Process Definition (PD2)DELMIA DPM Process Definition provides a generic process-centric authoring foundation to build work preparation documentation for the shop with the flexibility and power of the manufacturing hub. DELMIA DPM Process Definition allows authoring of process plans using products and resources, creation, management and verification of precedence constraints between processes in 3D, and the production of HTML based work documentation for the shop. Products and Resources may be inserted from the manufacturing hub or from flat file systems. It provides a path for users to grow into full digital process planning and simulation.
    • DELMIA Process & Resource Definition (XP2)DELMIA DPM Process & Resource Definition 2 enables organizations to author process and resource data in the context of product data. It allows users to associate resources and products to processes, and to define and verify the sequence of processes in a full 3D environment. This configuration can be sold as a stand alone, file-based V5 solution or combined with other DELMIA file-based solutions for process planning, verification and simulation tools to create a client specific solution. It can also be combined with the Manufacturing Hub to create an integrated enterprise-wide client-specific solution. The file based solution can also be enhanced by adding DELMIA Multi-CAx products, providing integration with the customer’s CAD design systems.
    • DELMIA Process & Resource Planner (ERC)DELMIA Process & Resource Planning enables users to access and administrate the hub, enabling them to create, manipulate and navigate any item of information that is of significance within the context of integrated process engineering. It also allows users to efficiently and reliably determine the time required to perform a specific job sequence based on commonly used time measurement methods or company-proprietary time standards. Its intuitive user interface allows multiple users to work efficiently after only a brief familiarization period. It supports the step-by-step detailing and systematic preliminary planning of a manufacturing process based on the process graph and the manufacturing concept graph. With capacity and cost analysis that can be activated at any time, the planner has an effective instrument for quickly and accurately determining the optimal manufacturing process for a new product from both a technical and economic standpoint, without any detours or guessing games. DELMIA Process and Resource Planner enables the creation, management and comparison of planning alternatives and variants in all phases of planning.
    • DELMIA Process Engineer (EEC)DELMIA Process Engineer provides users with early recognition of process risks, re-use of proven processes, traceable changes and evidence of the decision making process, as well as access to process knowledge scattered across the enterprise. This comprehensive treatment of the relationships between product, process, and manufacturing resource data, that also includes layout, empowers users to avoid planning mistakes, paving the way for a precise overview of the entire process early in the planning stages. This clear-cut overview details investment costs, production space, and manpower resources required.