DELMIA Resource Modeling & Simulation Discipline

Resource Modeling and Simulation provides the tools to develop, perfect, and implement resources, application routines, and mechanical programming that are integral to the Process Planning and Process Detailing & Validation solutions. Within this set of solutions, resources such as robots, tooling, fixtures, machinery, automation and ergonomics are defined and infused to create a complete scenario for manufacturing.

The following configurations are included in this domain:


    • DELMIA Robotics (WL2)
      DELMIA V5 Robotics is a powerful, integrated solution that enables manufacturing organizations to design, simulate, optimize and program robotic workcells in a 3D digital factory environment. It offers a scalable, flexible, easy to use solution for tooling definition, workcell layout, robot programming and workcell simulation. It is much more than a basic offline programming system. It can capture the underlying philosophy of intent of the robot programmer, allowing the company to capture and reuse best practices, leverage programming knowledge and automate the repetitive work of robot programming. It is ideally suited for work in the Automotive Body in White industry, particularly robot spot welding and material handling operations. It can also be extended for use in other domains.
    • DELMIA NC Machine Tool Path Simulation (VT2)
      DELMIA Machine Tool Path Simulation enables NC programmers to verify, modify and validate tool paths and material removal based on tool paths or ISO code to eliminate potential machine tool collisions upfront, during programming, thus reducing lead time. It provides a unique NC machining definition configuration that enables organizations to optimize machining operation definition. Through the integrated product environment, users have a seamless solution to address all their manufacturing environment needs. It easily validates the machining setup for selected machine tools and tool paths or ISO code upfront, during machining operation definition. An intuitive user interface enables the NC programmer to assign a complete machine to a part operation and to simulate selected tool paths or ISO code with the machine, determine interferences, and redirect the tool path before creating the NC program.
    • DELMIA NC Machine Tool Builder (MB2)
      NC Machine Tool Builder easily models resources with kinematics, such as NC machines, tools, tool changers, pallet changers and other peripheral devices for use and reuse in the entire machining process. NC Machine Tool Builder provides a comprehensive NC machine definition including geometry, kinematics, and controller and technological information. The unique resources created with NC Machine Tool Builder may be saved to the manufacturing hub and used by process planners, inspection engineers, NC programmers and NC operators to create machining process plans, validate machining setups, detail machining operations, create simulations, validate and optimize tool paths, perform post processing, and emulate controllers. The NC Machine Tool Builder solution can also import NC machines created in DELMIA D5 VNC for use in V5 machining applications.