3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Cloud Evaluation Case Study - Topstart Trailers

This month we speak with MEMKO Aerospace engineer Julian Gonzalez Escalante regarding a new client he supported to evaluate the transition from 2D design to 3D design using 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA on the Cloud.

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Prefabricated Bathroom Pods

Computational Architecture Designer; Claudia Siric and Aerospace Engineer; Julian Gonzalez Escalante discuss their experience of designing a bathroom template using 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA.


Computational Design with 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA

I’m a student studying Architecture and have had the opportunity to do work experience at MEMKO. Throughout my time at MEMKO I learnt CATIA for the first time, and I am writing a blog about what I have learnt including practical applications in a construction environment.

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Virtual Aircrash Investigation


Nandhini Kannan, Zinia Jubil and Gabriel Gomez study how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and Virtual Reality can be used in conjunction, and dive deeper into the world of Aircrash Investigations for their final year project as student’s of RMIT’s School of Engineering.

This is the story of ViRACI.