Netvibes is the award winning monitoring and analytics platform used by top agencies, brands and enterprises. Well known for its ‘dashboard intelligence’ Netvibes has the ability to transform the intangible web and all internal data systems into tangible trends, expert knowledge and business action.

Netvibes has personalised dashboards for better and faster decision making specifically catering to Agencies, Enterprises and Individuals who are looking to experience the next revolution in enterprise portals and business intelligence.


Dashboard Everywheredashboard everywhere

    • Maximise ROI on efficiency – It doesn’t matter if you are at work, home or on a plane, Netvibes gives you the ability of offline reading and multiple device syncing.
    • Maximise ROI on development – You can now enjoy easy maintenance and maximum usage by developing once and the ability to deploy this on multiple platforms.
    • Maximum ROI on technology – Long-term portability and compatibility is guaranteed with Netvibes use of Web standards.

Dashboard Intelligencedashboard intelligence

    • Save Time – with your very own “Gallup Poll” you can enjoy private, real time and SmartTags
    • Read and Save Time – reading others’ content and reading what matters will save you considerable time as you can select from a topic, sentiment, trend or even a person.
    • Meetings are more efficient – you will need less time to meet in order to collect opinions as your SmartTags will have them already gathered to make better, faster decisions.

Social Dashboard Intelligencesocial dashboard intelligence

    • Better sources, smarter results– Open publisher libraries and team organizing will guarantee the best mass quality.
    • 360 degree understanding –Now you get to see the whole picture with team SmartTags allowing you to know what’s been said inside and outside your organisation.
    • Alerts – teams can set several alarms to alert them of critical events by putting the project on autopilot.